Update > 18 June 2012 – busy busy busy!

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Update > 18 June 2012 – busy busy busy!

(this post was written weeks ago – just getting around to sending it now)

Well it seems that freelancing is like waiting for a bus.

After a few weeks of not-much-at-all, now I’m going through a very promising patch.

Active Projects

I am currently working on 3 dataviz projects – one for the London Fire Brigade (an infographics on cuts and spending), an infographic for Walsall Council and a project for regular client Communicate magazine.

The Communicate project should be an interesting one, as my work is going to be turned into animations – watch this space!


Today I found out I was to become part of the Compass Design team. I will be helping out with social media, online content and some design bits and pieces, as work comes in. This came from a chance meeting at Birmingham City University, during an MA Social Media class. I was leading the class, whilst Rachel McCollin (from Compass) had been invited to speak to the students about dealing with clients. Over coffee today we decided it would be good to work together.


The recent DevLab event was another boost to my freelancing opportunities.

The event took place on Fri 15th Jun 2012 – Sat 16th Jun 2012 at the Old Library at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, with the aim of bringing together developers and general techy-geeky types with arts organisations keen on investigating the digital world.

As well as some very interesting conversations with several organizations on the day (including Walsall Arts Gallery, SAMPAD and Capsule) I was also lucky enough to work alongside Zarino Zappia, from Scraperwiki on a quick-turnaround project for SAMPAD. The aim is to mash up the organisations mailing list data, with socio-economic data from the region. This should help the organization work out why they are not hitting certain areas of the city (are they a target audience or not etc.)

I’ve never really got on with Scraperwiki (this is a HUGE understatement), and my contibution to the hack was sourcing the extra data, but I get the feeling my conversations with Zarino are not over – I’ve already bent his ear about a WYSIWYG version of Scraperwiki for non-coders like myself.

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"I’ve enjoyed working with Caroline on a data visualisation project for a complex £1.5m government funded programme running across Birmingham and Leicester. It’s been a high pressure programme with tough targets to meet, so finding the time to collect and make sense of all the data, from a range of sources, has been difficult. With Caroline’s help we managed to prioritise the key information and she then presented it in a clear, easy to grasp manner. Just what we needed. I found her dedicated, easy to work with and very fair on pricing. I would happily work with her again and I commend her and her work to you" Dave Conroy, Programme Manager, Timebank