Quick posting to WordPress from a Mac

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Quick posting to WordPress from a Mac

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Studio Diary Post – Saturday 8 Apr 2017 – 8:55am – What a palaver!


Currently working on: Trying to set up a quick way to create and publish blog posts from my desktop

I recently set myself a challenge to start blogging more. I know that I won’t sit down and create a long post on a regular basis, but sometimes there are thoughts, ideas or products I want to share quickly. So i needed something I could get into quickly, with no distractions.

I know from experience that I work well with Mac desktop apps. I already use these for WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Instagram and a few others. Having an icon in the menubar just works for me.

However, there is not a decent simple WordPress app, so I looked into my old friend IFTTT and how I could use this with Tumblr (to them share to WordPress). Sadly there isn’t a decent Tumblr app for Mac either, but it got me thinking.

After some too-ing and fro-ing and some experimentation, I nailed it.

Wordpress account
Designated Tumblr account
Social Shoutings app
IFTTT account
TextExpander (useful but optional)

1. Link a separate Tumblr account to WordPress using IFTTT

2. Install Social Shoutings and connect Tumblr

3. In TextExpander design a post-template, which allows spacing / black space to create a suitable header inside WordPress (SocialShoutings doesn’t have the option to set a header, so it takes the first characters instead) (Add: I actually made entry of the title and content even easier – by adding creating a single line FillIn for the title, and a multiple line FillIn for the body I can clearly see what the psot is going to look like (instead of working in the small SocialPostings window).

Alternatively I could write the post in a notepad app and simply paste it into SocialShoutings.

This is perfect – now it’s all set up I can simply click on the SocialShoutings icon in my menu bar and start typing. I can add images too!

Some minutes later the post will appear on WordPress thanks to IFTTT.


Note: whilst I can’t add links to the post within SocialShoutings, I can head into WordPress afterwards to add them. For me the benefit of this system is that I quickly get the thoughts out of my head and onto WordPress.

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