Data visualisation is a specialist job.

Your in-house design teams and developers are great at what they do. But how are their editorial decision-making and structuring skills?

Caroline Beavon consultancy services allow you to bring in my data presentation expertise to work alongside your own branding and content specialists.

In a consultancy session, I’ll work with your key people to create a range of possible outcomes, depending on your needs. Perhaps you’re at the early stages, deciding what to do with the data you have. You might be looking for an infographics expert to work with your content producers and graphic designers. Or maybe you want specialist help to outline an interactive graphic or online tool.

By talking through your aims and audience, I’ll get to know the information you want to present, and why. And together, we’ll create a powerful message.

Possible outcomes from a consultancy session might include:

  • a strategy document on how I believe you should present and handle your information
  • a wireframe layout of specific graphics or elements of a wider project
  • a mockup of a full infographic or data visualisation

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"This is the best course I have been to in terms of keeping everyone engaged. I found the examples of other data visualisation to be very interesting as I had never seen them before and know now to avoid certain styles! There were also different data visualisers whose works were explored - it all opened up a new way to look at the data and tell the story; a philosophy I believe Caroline delivers very well. She kept things simple as they should be (not patronising mind)" Infographics training course attendee, Warwickshire County Council