Cloud 10: animated infographic film

Date:25 Jun, 2017

Skills:motion graphics, collaboration, infographic, storytelling

Client:Paxlife / Cloud 10

Cloud 10: animated infographic film


THE CLIENT: Paxlife – a company developing and delivering in-flight entertainment systems for commercial airlines.

THE BRIEF: To concept and create a series of graphics for an animated “explainer” video for airline in-flight entertainment company, Paxlife to promote Cloud 10.

THE DATA: I was provided with a list of all the participants, their collaborations and the final project deliverable. I added more detailed groupings of their specific areas (e.g, their academic field)

THE APPROACH: This was a collaboration with filmaker / animator Liz Smith (Entertaining TV). who generated the animations and project-managed. Together we planned out the graphics based on the client script and developed a seamless workflow.