CATH (Collaborative Arts Triple Helix): data project mapping

Date:26 Jun, 2017

Skills:RAW, Illustrator, project mapping

Client:Creative Arts Triple Helix project

CATH (Collaborative Arts Triple Helix): data project mapping


THE CLIENT: Collaborative Arts Triple Helix project (funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s (AHRC) ‘Creative Economy Knowledge Exchange’ programme.

THE BRIEF: To develop a graphic that ‘mapped’ the various collaborators and partnerships involved in this project. Participants were either from higher education, were SME’s (small medium enterprises) or were small cultural organisations. There was a desire to show the complexity of the project and how many individuals / organisations were involved.

THE DATA: I was provided with a list of all the participants, their collaborations and the final project deliverable. I added more detailed groupings of their specific areas (e.g, their academic field)

THE APPROACH: A flow diagram that showed both the background of each participant and the collaboration seemed a clear way to show the data. I used RAW to generate the right hand side of the chart, whilst using a more organise hand-designed approach for the left hand side.

The logo defined the colours but I allocated a colour to each sector to improve clarity.