What makes a good infographic?

Learn how to create your own infographics and data visualisations with training from Caroline Beavon. How do you choose the right content? What tools are available?

I offer a range of training options aimed at the communications field. These courses are best received by public relations professionals, journalists, report and bid writers, researchers and anyone communicating data to a lay audience.

Training can be delivered in three ways:

In-house: A tailored training session for your organisation, on your premises. Choose from a full-day or half-day session for up to ten people, or “an infographic in an hour” short introductory session for up to 30 people. All sessions include design theory and a hands-on introduction to the infographics building process.

Public workshop: A one-day Infographics Workshop for up to ten people. These full-day sessions, which include design theory and a hands-on introduction to the infographics building process, are open to everyone. If you would like me to host a workshop in your area, let me know.

Presentations and led workshops: I am a former broadcaster who has specialised in creating infographics over the last decade. I deliver several talks a year to a wide range of audiences, including academics, policy makers, students and PR professionals. If you would like me to deliver a talk or lead a workshop based around infographics or data journalism, get in touch.

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"I’ve enjoyed working with Caroline on a data visualisation project for a complex £1.5m government funded programme running across Birmingham and Leicester. It’s been a high pressure programme with tough targets to meet, so finding the time to collect and make sense of all the data, from a range of sources, has been difficult. With Caroline’s help we managed to prioritise the key information and she then presented it in a clear, easy to grasp manner. Just what we needed. I found her dedicated, easy to work with and very fair on pricing. I would happily work with her again and I commend her and her work to you" Dave Conroy, Programme Manager, Timebank