A range of training options aimed at the communications field – these courses are best received by public relations professionals, journalists, report/bid-writers, researchers and anyone communicating data to a lay audience. I offer 3 types of training:


– in-house (delivered to your organisation in your offices)
– as a public workshop (available for anyone to attend)
– speaking / presentations / led workshop


Contact me for availability and pricing



Icons_Training - in-house
In-house courses


Icons_Training - full day
Full Day Training Session
Attendees: 10 max
Details:  Theory + charting skills + tools + infographics building process + design skills


Icons_Training - half day
Half Day Training Session
Attendees: 10 max
Details: Theory + infographics building process


Icons_Training - one hour
An Infographic in an Hour
Attendees: up to 30
Details: Short theoretical introduction + short infographics building process


Icons_Training - publicPublic Training

Icons_Training - full day

One-day Infographics Workshop
Attendees: 10 max
Details: see one day course above
If you would like me to host a workshop in your area, let me know – bring infographics training to my area


Icons_Training - request

Upcoming Public Courses


– London UK – 1 day infographics and Tableau training (in collaboration with Cloudstream Partners)
– London UK – 1 day infographics course in London at the Press Association

Icons_Training - public speaking
Public Speaking


As a former broadcaster I am comfortable delivering talks on infographics and data journalism. I have delivered several talks to a wide audience including academics, policy makers, students and PR professionals.