Thanks to Graham Allcott for the idea – a page which I can quickly update to explain what I’m up to at the moment.


Thanks to my cancer adventures last year (do one, breast cancer!), I am officially classed as vulnerable under the current lockdown guidelines, and have been shielding (not left the house apart from for hospital appointments), for 10 weeks. Whilst the Government has recently allows shielders to leave the house for an hour a day, I’m staying put. I live in a busy area of Brighton and I’m not comfortable, right now, taking that risk.

I did appear on BBC Radio WM in the West Midlands a few days ago, talking about this very subject. Whizz forward to 1 hour 10 minutes on this link to have a listen:

Animated content designer


A relatively new area for me, but I’m currently working with a documentary filmmaker on a film which needed some motion graphics and small animations to help explain the more technical points and add visual interest. Content so far has included

  • a fruit machine that looks like an iphone
  • an Apple vs Android old-computer game style GIF
  • graphics that show how a teenagers brain works
  • shapes to represent tracking

Heritage project

I’m also in the closing stages of a long-running animation project for Birmingham based arts organisation, Sampad. It’s an animated showcase of a past project (created in Adobe Animate), showing off the data and achievements.

Scrollytelling multimedia journalist

I’ve recently been commission by the Art / Data / Health project, to work on a digital piece of content combining COVID-19 data with local voices and content. I pitched the idea (among others) of a scrollytelling page. They agreed and now I’m researching and preparing a survey to gather local content and find potential interviewees.

Data design

I’m working on several iterations of a long running data design project, Cultural Landscapes. This started as a Birmingham based investigation by Arts Connect, into the work being done by local arts organisations, with local children. We’ve now developed a self-contained data gathering and mapping system, which can be adopted by any bridge arts organisation who wants it. I’m on hand to help set up new regions, and am currently working with people in Sandwell and Norfolk.

Podcast Producer

I’ve recently started helping two friends out with their new podcast. I have many years of broadcast radio experience, and I’m on hand to help advise on show structure, keep them on track when recording and eventually get the show on air. I’ll let you know when it goes live!