Freelancers: pricing structure options

My role as a freelancer means I work on a wide variety of projects. From one-off infographics, to long-running research projects. I've found that there is not a single perfect pricing system - instead I make a decision on a project-by-project basis. I will ask myself:  - is there a defined outcome / product? - have I done anything like this before? - how easily can I estimate the hours I will spend on this? - is there a risk of 'project creep...

My Week – 5-9 May 2014 / big screens, walls and audiences

 Caroline Beavon is a freelance information and infographics designer - get in touch for more details It's been another one of those funny short bank Holiday weeks - but here's a quick summary of what I've been working on in the infographics design world, and training! SCIENCE CAPITAL On Tuesday night I spoke at the Science Capital "Doing Business With Data" event at Millennium Point in Birmingham. The focus of my talk was Presenting Yo...

Current Projects – mystery clients, Olympics, forums and rockin’ maps!

Current Projects – mystery clients, Olympics, forums and rockin’ maps!
After a relatively quiet period, recently I've had a flurry of work  and opportunities - and some very interesting ones at that. Excuse the lack of client names, but many of these are active projects. If you are interested in hiring me - you can find me on Twitter (@carolinebeavon) or email carolinebeavon at Thanks PROJECTS Infographic > Local Authority Olympics I was recently asked to create an infographic of information about the Ol