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Wifi jockeying around Birmingham’s coffee shops UPDATED

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It was a distinct lack of breakfast in my cupboard that prompted my decision to have a coffee-shop working day. Co-working and coffee shop working are obvious choices for the stay-at-home freelancer, where the temptation of Jeremy Kyle or a mid-afternoon siesta is too great, but how feasible is it? And to to push it, Hunter S Thompson style  - could I do it ALL DAY? Breakfast - Brewsmiths The day started at Brewsmiths - located on the edge of the Jewellery Quarter and home to a dizzying Read more [...]

“Caroline is very prompt and easy to work with. As well as easily working from spreadsheets and piles of data – she’s able to turn them into accurate and interesting graphics. These really helped bring complex topics to life.’’ Anna Leach Editor of Ampp3d, the Mirror’s data blog & Susan Topping Group Art Director – Nationals Magazines and Supplements