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The Spread of Tech [animated]

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Key: RED: fixed broadband internet BLUE: mobile phone subscriptions YELLOW: internet users GREEN - telephone lines (all per 100 population) STORY OF A VIZ: Altered last minute to the deadline for the Guardian / Google Competition This gave me 2 hours do something with a range of data available, to address the issue of the worldwide recession and how national behaviour protected against this, or aided recovery. THE DATA Due to the limited time made quick decision to use a Read more [...]

"I’ve enjoyed working with Caroline on a data visualisation project for a complex £1.5m government funded programme running across Birmingham and Leicester. It’s been a high pressure programme with tough targets to meet, so finding the time to collect and make sense of all the data, from a range of sources, has been difficult. With Caroline’s help we managed to prioritise the key information and she then presented it in a clear, easy to grasp manner. Just what we needed. I found her dedicated, easy to work with and very fair on pricing. I would happily work with her again and I commend her and her work to you" Dave Conroy, Programme Manager, Timebank