Having put my MA Online Journalism to bed on Friday with the submission of my final assignment cbviz (plus support blog here) I now have the task of getting out there and finding a job.

There is certainly no shortage of jobs in the digital field, but the trick will be finding one that suits my editorial background.

Please find my latest CV here

Having worked as a broadcast journalist (most recently on bulletins and documentaries for Kerrang Radio) for 10 years I can certainly tick “communication” as a skill. Thanks to my studies I can now also add a dizzying number of technical skills including:

  • CMS – WordPress, Blogger
  • Online Content  – writing for the web, SEO, layout and design
  • Data Journalism – Tableau, Outwithub
  • Social Media – to discover and share news content
  • Social Reporting – audio, video, Storify, audio slideshows

So the hunt begins. I’ve seen a very interesting digital editor role going (local too)… I’ll most certainly be throwing my hat into the ring for that one.

In the meantime I’ll be boosting my CV by teaching myself some more key skills:

– I’d definitely like to get to grips with Scraperwiki
– adding to my experience with Adobe Illustrator would be great
– design: with no formal art background, but a good eye, I would like to firm up my knowledge of design basics

Any more suggestions of good CV additions feel free to comment below.

If you are in the market for a digital content person with a fetish for visualisations, data and general social media goodness, feel free to drop me a line via Twitter @carolinebeavon or carolinebeavon@gmail.com

Over and out