02 Jun

The Kernel Returns [updated]



Well, blow me down with a feather …  new look The Kernel is  definitely worth a revisit.

I was always put off by the overly-snarky comments (see below) and it appears I wasn’t the only one. The  site has managed to shift from vicious bile to playful teasing  – and it works.

It’s definitely back in my RSS feed – I just hope the many tech power-players they took pot shots at in the past are willing to let bygone be bygones.

In terms of content, they are taking full advantage of the benefits an online presence gives them; being able to take a 360 look at a wide variety of issues and giving relevant content the space it deserves (without being tied to filling x-number of pages).

However, the most heartwarming part of this whole experience: receiving a friendly, humble and honest email from The Kernel founder and Editor-in-Chief  Milo Yiannopoulos asking for my feedback (in reaction to the post below)

Classy move.


I must admit, I was never a huge fan of the Kernel (the weekly technology newsletter, sharing some news and information, but mainly gossip and judgement).

Actually, that’s not true. I enjoyed the information it shared, but not the snarky way in which it did it – coming across like a bitter and twisted lunatic throwing rocks at those working in the real world. There were some very public spats with some high profile tech journalists (including The Guardian’s Charles Arthur) which drip fed into several tech podcasts leaving a pretty nasty taste in my mouth.

Plus their editor had, what I felt, was a vicious pop at the chaps at Birmingham City University, for their Social Media MA course (a course I am involved in)… and that wasn’t on. (Sadly the website is now down so that post is probably lost forever).

Eventually I cancelled my subscription and thought no more about it.

Back in the Kernel camp things were going a bit awry (to say the last) and it finally went kaput

Until this arrived. The Kernel is back, with a new company behind it, and seemingly a new focus. (my highlighting)

I’m going to give it another go – often the journalism was insightful, and I hope the bumps they’ve had in the road have knocked a few holes in their smuggery.

Although I’m not holding my breath.






Technology magazine The Kernel to be relaunched with fresh investment, new commercial team


BERLIN, 3 June 2013.—BERLIN42, parent company of Axel Springer-backed event series hy! Berlin, today announces it is to relaunch The Kernel, the online technology, media and politics magazine originally launched by high-profile technology journalist Milo Yiannopoulos in 2011. The Kernel suspended publication in March after exhausting personal investment by Yiannopoulos and failing to secure further funding.

BERLIN42 has acquired The Kernel and will operate newly founded publishing company Kernel Media from Berlin. Acquisition terms have not been disclosed. Editorial operations will remain in London. Yiannopoulos will be re-employed as founding Editor-in-Chief of the relaunched publication, while BERLIN42 founding partner Aydoğan Ali Schosswald will serve as founding CEO.

The Kernel will shift focus from startups and startup culture to digital lifestyle and the effect of technology on society, politics and culture. All site content will be published in English.

The Kernel will commit resources to more video and photo content and investigative journalism in areas such as modern warfare, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, pornography and space travel. The “Nutshell” subscription newsletter will not return.

Schosswald said: “BERLIN42 continues its mission to build, accelerate and connect global businesses in technology & media with this latest venture. We are tremendously excited about what Milo and his team can achieve with fresh commercial backing.”

Yiannopoulos said: “The Kernel was a terrific editorial success. I’m thrilled to be getting a second chance at making it work commercially, and on a much larger scale. Hans and Aydo at BERLIN42 understand what I was trying to accomplish the first time around and I could not have wished for a better team to help me build the company into a global media brand.”

Under its former directors, The Kernel incurred debts which were settled by Yiannopoulos privately in April. Six contributors from the previous incarnation of the magazine, including Ezra Butler, James Cook and Greg Stevens – are returning to write for the site, which goes live on Monday 12 August 2013.


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+49 179 6088 788

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