w/c 4 Apr 2016


It’s all about waiting this week.





I’m in the middle of selling my flat in Birmingham and relocating to Brighton, on the south coast. As with any move there is a huge list of things that need to be done – not the least is packing. However, I’m still waiting for my move date so I can’t really start tackling most of that list as it could be a few weeks away.

Also knowing a move is coming I’ve cleared the decks a little work-wise, so I’m now spinning my wheels a little. I know it’s going to be hectic once we get the dates so I’m trying to enjoy the downtime while I can.




Last week I was approached by a professional organisation to quote for a 4-page infographic report due end April. I sent over a few ideas and some figures and am now keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m due to hear back this week and and keen to get started as soon as possible if I’m successful.




A blast from the past this one! A former work colleague contacted me through Facebook to ask about my infographic services. They’re keen to add this communication format to their portfolio, but had no strong ideas of what they wanted to do.

This is quite an unusual situation for me, as I’m usually working with a clients data or information. In this case, I’m pulling from my journalism background to help develop a series of small infographics to be seeded over social media.

Again, a few ideas were sent over .. let’s hope it comes off as I’m really keen to work on this one.