In Sept 2016 I attended the Reasons To … conference in Brighton, UK.

Read more about the conference here

During the 3 days I jotted notes, ideas and references into a large Moleskine. Worried my notes may make less sense over time, In’ve transcribed them below. Enjoy.


person to find / follow etc.

noun_book_3698 book/ article

imgreswikipedia link

noun_magnifier_607246 something to search

noun_texting_545094 random notes

noun_thought-bubble_544954 my thoughts / questions

noun_image_600408 Image / photo reference

noun_link_334254 website link

noun_note_113110 music / band

noun_arrow_6641 Action / do something

noun_help_89606 random / unknown / huh?

noun_image_600408 image

noun_video_553947 video


Nelly Ben (speaker) – /

noun_book_3698Paul Virillo  Open Sky

noun_book_3698Roland Barthes – Mythologies

noun_book_3698 Willam Borroughs – Invisible Generation (PDF here)

imgresInvisible Generation  – associated art project

noun_magnifier_607246 ‘critical design’

noun_magnifier_607246‘Theatre of Cruelty’

noun_thought-bubble_544954 UX design of infographics – how much can we challenge the reader? Why does everything have to be easy for the reader? Could we convey additional emotion / understanding by making a layout challenging / longwinded / complicated etc?

noun_texting_545094 Total Bombardment – Nellys approach to her work

noun_thought-bubble_544954 infographics in every field – using the communication through their visuals


noun_image_600408 Diagram of Greek Tragedy Diagram of Greek Tragedy



noun_note_113110 International Space Station music with Sigor Ros

noun_link_334254 Disaster Playground

noun_video_553947   Disaster Playground Teaser from Disaster Playground on Vimeo.

noun_note_113110 find Disaster Playground soundtrack from Prodigy

noun_link_334254 The Life The Sea and the Space Viking


 Charlie Prangley (Charlie Marie)

noun_help_89606 img_5097


noun_thought-bubble_544954 Be a hungry designer – appetite creates more impact?

noun_magnifier_607246 Atomic Agency, Holland

noun_texting_545094 plotting and scheming – contemplation, collaborative, new practices, explore, impact

noun_thought-bubble_544954 Am I hungry? Do I know any hungry designers?

noun_arrow_6641  Go to a design meetup – meet agencies

noun_texting_545094 Step 1 – collaborate

noun_texting_545094 Step 2 – reduce confirmation bias (throw away our comfortable ideas that we like. Do rapid ideation. Rapid prototyping

noun_texting_545094 Step 3 – embrace centre stage – trust, responsibility, bigger budgets

noun_arrow_6641 Look for a digital prototyping tool? Do i need one? Or are post-it notes perfect?

noun_texting_545094 the struggling designer – no prototyping. don’t get attached to your own ideas

noun_texting_545094 prototyping lets you work out your UX/UI and layout

noun_thought-bubble_544954 am i afraid of failure?

noun_texting_545094 Failure is progress

noun_thought-bubble_544954 How do I repackage failure? Process fullsizerender-3 – share, test – ideate – repeat

noun_magnifier_607246 John Lieberman – conference talk on UX tools – shaping design

noun_texting_545094 dopey ideas. Embrace them. How crazy are they?

noun_magnifier_607246 Cheltenham Design festival – is this still a thing?

noun_thought-bubble_544954 Do I have dopey ideas? DO i share the,? I need to create the environment to share them

noun_texting_545094 Plussing – when you give positive feedback to have to give constructive advice as well


 Gavin Strange

noun_note_113110 Doomtree


noun_thought-bubble_544954 DO I want to do what I do?

noun_arrow_6641 I should explore and have more fun in evenings and weekends. Take a week off every month to play and explore?

noun_magnifier_607246 Do lectures – Do Fly – Gavin Strange

noun_arrow_6641 motion graphics – try something fun and silly

noun_magnifier_607246 Mister Cartoon?

noun_arrow_6641 develop a consistent process which can be applied to all projects. Calendar template? Is this possible?

noun_texting_545094 example template – research, brainstorm (word association), thumbnail sketching, detailed sketching vector drawing


 Erik Kessels

noun_thought-bubble_544954 charts as illustrations- bars of bar chart amongst letters?

noun_thought-bubble_544954 I need to bring more heart into my infographics. Oxfam – emotion? Or does that add a judgement that I should be avoiding? Where is the heart in infographics and data?

noun_arrow_6641 redesign some old work with heart and soul – perhaps some Tableau dashboards

noun_texting_545094 humour and heart – show heart, show love, show data – show and tell. Can I use design to instil an emotion? Should it always be easy?


noun_arrow_6641 What other emotions can I generate through graphic design? Anger, confusion, happiness, a sense of time, a sense of length

noun_magnifier_607246 Hans Brickler hotel chain – Amsterdam

noun_thought-bubble_544954 e.g. School data – not emotive, gun data – highly emotive

noun_arrow_6641 who do I want to work with?

noun_pencil_7115img_5100 sketch using the length of the page to show distance travelled etc. Walk to water


noun_thought-bubble_544954 What is my USP? What are my core skills?

noun_arrow_6641 find a career mentor

noun_magnifier_607246 Mr President agency

 Laura Jordan Bambach – laurajaybee

noun_magnifier_607246 Great british Diversity Experiment

noun_magnifier_607246 Papel and Canota

noun_magnifier_607246Caant festival

noun_magnifier_607246 Tandem Bank – credit card design  –

noun_magnifier_607246 Bauhaus design

Jim Flora designer – Gene Krupe

noun_magnifier_607246 Blab magazine – 88 – 2001

noun_magnifier_607246 NO brow publishers

noun_magnifier_607246 Yokkai – japanese spirits and demons

noun_thought-bubble_544954 editorial infographics – how do I go about getting work like this?

noun_arrow_6641 promote previous editorial infographics

noun_texting_545094 editorial infographics but need some characterisation –  do they?

noun_arrow_6641 follow up fairy tales infographics – cards? Simple cards

noun_arrow_6641 Xmas cards – get these done – xmas stories?

noun_thought-bubble_544954 fairy tales rely on repetition – do we lose that if we try to restructure the story?

noun_arrow_6641 try collage infographics – cut outs, amongst charts

noun_pencil_7115half a butterfly as a bubble chart – fullsizerender-4



noun_magnifier_607246 Pleix / lyric

noun_arrow_6641 Try ink drops / water drops as bubble charts – water growth stains – can I build these

noun_arrow_6641 try putting scanned images in tableau  -collage in Tableau? Transparency may be a problem

noun_arrow_6641 try using real things to make charts, sugar, salt, etc

noun_magnifier_607246awkward sisters

noun_magnifier_607246 game “papers Please”

noun_magnifier_607246 profaniti arcade pop up

noun_arrow_6641 do a digital content strategy

noun_magnifier_607246 kernel cards – kickstarter – nice idea to try?

 Nadiah Brehmer

noun_arrow_6641 create planets diagram . Moving in Tableau fullsizerender-5

noun_arrow_6641 buy a spirograph


 Kate Greenstock – creative director

noun_magnifier_607246 festish my little pony

 Abi Small

noun_magnifier_607246 cblock and flow

noun_arrow_6641 Tableau graphic with speech bubbles where the text inside changes depending on the selection

noun_magnifier_607246 dead men don’t wear plaid – film

noun_arrow_6641 music in tableau – can you convert music into numbers?

noun_magnifier_607246 combinatronics


noun_note_113110 Seb Lester Super Sharp Shooter –

noun_video_553947  SQUAREPUSHER / Damogen Furies

from Joshua Davis on Vimeo.


noun_note_113110  Photogram

noun_thought-bubble_544954 can you do quick animation in Tableau? (play pages)

noun_magnifier_607246 check out the OFFF Quebec opening credits

noun_arrow_6641 neon skeleton – black background

noun_arrow_6641 can you use tableau to reveal an imagine below – black squares which change as you roll over items

noun_arrow_6641 can you map music in tableau? Can you even play / embed music in tableau

noun_arrow_6641explore turning music into numbers in a spreadsheet

noun_note_113110 Zola Jesus

noun_arrow_6641 add textured over a tableau infographic / half tone?